•       ITRADIUS v. 1.0 Tempesta.
          Server AAA (FreeRADIUS V.3.0.10)
          Support for physical and virtual NAS (Network Access Server)
          Ability to deploy a captive portal / Hotspot with multiple sites ((CoovaChilli rolling rel. V 1.3.1).
          Support for local storage on SQL database.
          Support for local storage on SQL database.
          Support for deployment of virtual network interfaces.
          Support for deployment of virtual network interfaces.
          Certifying authority and issue of certificates on demand.
          Support for VLANs.
          Support IP v4.

  •   Support from different identity providers:
               Local DB
               ADC (Microsoft Windows Server versión 2003 a 2016)
      System of dictionaries for auto configuration of NAS (Network Access Server): HP, CISCO, ARUBA NETWORKS, others.
      Statistics and system status in real time.
      Automatic subscription updates.
      Custom system of groups and attributes that define the properties of a user.
      Ability to synchronize multiple instances with a master AAA server.
      Methods of communication with the NAS (Network Access Server):
           External encryption or authentication layer:
                     EAP (PEAP)
           Internal Encriptión:
                     MSCHAP V.2.0
      Variations of captive portals / Hotspot:
               Standard Captive portal: user name and password (Local DB, ODBC, LDAP y ADC).
               Direct Pass-through Captive portal.
               Captive Portal with Validation (PIN).
               Captive portal for phantom users with delegated authority.
               Captive portal with data capture (forms)
               Captive portal with external sync (OpenID, Facebook, Google, Twitter).
               Captive portal with MAC recognition.(RADA - RADIUS Authenticated Device Access).
               Captive portal with app verification (Requires confirming the install of the specific app).
      Exclusion system of domain names and IP’s by means of Garden in any of the Captive portal Methods / Hotspot.
      Custom Theme loading system (CSS) in any captive portal method / Hotspot.

  •       External Apps integration through public API Protocol HTTPS in JSON format.
          Supports embedded and synchronized applications through “Python Wheels”
          On demand advertising through injection sent by ADDFLY.
          Custom advertising splash system.
          Custom widget system for captive portal views.


      Internet Kiosks.
      Public Parks.
      Dorm Rooms.
      Government Centers.
      Movie Theatres.
      Coffee shops.
      Office Buildings.
      Shopping Centers.
      Night Clubs.
      Bus Terminals.
      Fitness Centers.
      Tourist Attractions.
      Convention Centers.
      Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) .
      Any other locations where Captive Portals may be utilized.

  •       Out of the way Attacks “Off-path”
          Provides users without privileges unrestricted Access to the root.
          An unprivileged user can copy, modify or destroy a hard drive.
          Unauthorized messages can be sent.
          Avoid Firewall defenses.



  •   Network Switches that simplify and provide security to your Data Center, core and perimeter of digital networks of any type and size, incorporating technologies such as:
             Campus and branch: Extension of SDN simplicity with FlexCampus FlexBranch.
             Data Center: Virtualized with the power of FlexFabric and SDN.
             Small business: Own, affordable and scalable solutions.
      Select your Switch with the HPE Networking Switch Selector tool:
      Access the Networking Lookup/Support search Tool:
      Dimension your Switch with the HPE Networking Switch Selector tool:
      Description of Warranties and Support for HPE Networking Products:
      Note the guarantee of your HP Switch supported in the serial of the device:
      Enter your personal or business account from HP (My Networking) For registration and simplified product management:
      HPE Networking product portfolio:
      Enter your HP Partner Ready Personal or Business account:

  •   UTM solutions combine several important security features that provide complete protection to simplify security management without reducing network speed such as gateway antivirus, antimalware, antispam, intrusion prevention, Content filtering / URL, SSL VPN, firewall, control of the use of instant messaging, management of multiple Internet connections and other important functions integrated in a single package.

      Select your UTM SonicWall Network Security Appliance (NSA) Mid-Range Series (CORPORATE):
      Select your UTM SonicWall TZ Series (SOHO):
      Network Security Firewalls:
      Enter your personal or business account from SonicWall (MySonicWall) For the registration and simplified management of products:
      Secure First Partner Portal:
      Sonicwall Overdrive:

  •   Wireless Mobility Controllers offer centralized network engineering, IP services, and policy and security controls, as well as applications-aware platforms. In addition to network control, they can be implemented as branch gateways, VPN concentrators, spectrum monitors and WIPS / WIDS or stateful network firewalls with integrated content filtering.

      Dimension your Wireless Controllers with the Mobility Controllers tool for next-gen networks Selector:
      Dimension your Wireless Access Point with Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi access points Selector:
      Enter your Aruba Networks personal or business account for simplified product registration and management:


     It is the answer for infrastructures that require a high scalability and optimized management so it is not prone to loosing useful resources with administration and equipment or servers. Broadly speaking, the Vsphere platform gives your organization the following advantages to manage your IT infrastructure more efficiently:
                    Benefits of Virtualization with VMware and Vsphere

                  Reduces and simplifies IT infrastructure. We can create a dynamic and flexible data center by virtualizing servers and data centers. This allows you to not have to invest vast amounts of money on hardware facilitating the maintenance tasks and saving costs in the long run.

                  MImprovements in the accessibility and connectivity of computer applications, offering high availability of Data Center and applications. You can maximize virtualized infrastructure uptime by minimizing unplanned outages of the service and eliminating those scheduled for server maintenance and storage.

                  High security, with the guarantee of the industry’s safest “no-operating” virtualiza- tion platform, protecting data and applications.

                  Optimization of resources and IT cost effectiveness through server consolidation, and automated management, which reduces property costs, increases energy efficiency and improved operational costs, reducing downtime, impacting on improved operational efficiency by reducing risk. You can virtualize your X86 server resources and group them into logical pools for the assignment of multiple workloads.

      Dimension your vSphere with the vSphere tool and vSphere with Operations Management Selector:
      VCenter Server Features:
      Enter your VMware personal or business account (MyVMware) for simplified management of products and support:
      Download the following free VMware tools:
                  vSphere Hypervisor:
                  vCenter Converter:
                  Software Manager:
                  VMware Integrated OpenStack:


      Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions in bands of less than 6 GHz, while the FiberinMotion® mobility solution enables the provision of wireless broadband for vehicles, trains, and boats on the move.
    These wireless solutions transmit voice, video and data on a single, high capacity platform, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and interference mitigation techniques, including MIMO and OFDM. The highly robust solutions operate flawlessly in all environments and are extremely simple to install and maintain. We offer the following products:
               Point to multipoint (PTMP): RADWIN 5000 JET. It incorporates an intelligent beamforming antenna and supplies up to 250 Mbps:
                  Point to Multipoint (PTMP): RADWIN 5000. Point-to-multipoint solutions provide up to 250 Mbps, enabling customers to provide high-capacity bandwidth connectivity:
                  Point-to-point (PTP): RADWIN 2000. Delivers up to 750 Mbps, ideal for telecom operators and vertical markets that require high capacity, long range backhaul and access connectivity for applications that demand higher bandwidth:
                  Wireless mobility: FiberinMotion®. Wireless mobility solution, which activates broadband on the fly for trains, subways, vehicles and boats on the move. High capacity up to 200 Mbps at speeds up to 300 km / h:




      IT-SERVICE is a series of professional, high quality Engineering services focused on meeting the needs of our customers. For us, Providing excellent services is our top priority. For that same reason, we strive to know every one of our clients, and with the use of innovation and technology, we focus our efforts on providing solutions that fit, meet and exceed each of our client’s needs and expectations.
                 Commissioning and configuration of Switched data networks (Switch L2-L4 in HP Networking, CISCO and others.
                 Wireless network configuration Wi-Fi (Aruba, HP, Cisco, etc.).
                 Installation and configuration of web tools to manage IPv4 y IPv6.
                 Installation and configuration of WEB based management and monitoring tools SNMP-based devises and RMON groups.
                 Installation and configuration of AAA Solutions (ITRADIUS).
                 Sizing of VLSM/ CIDR in IPv4.
                 Migration of networks from IPv4 to IPv6.
                 UTM solutions configuration for Sonic Wall and Fortinet.
                 Configuring virtualization solutions in VMware.
                 Infrastructure services in Linux: Allows you to deploy and manage structural services of an organization at the software level, namely:                         Communications, security productivity, logistics and management.
                 Distributed services (WS, XML, JSON):
                     Allows integration of systems with different service platforms, using public API’s.
                     Allows you to optimize corporate processes, reduce costs and ensure the availability of information.
                 Android: Mobile consumer application development, or as value added for a solution.
                 Din Dynamic web applications.
                 Multi-purpose development in Python.
                 Development of applications for different environments (desktop, web, mobile, etc.) and different platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, etc.)        guaranteeing minimal wear and best optimization possible.
                 DMulti-Purpose Development in C#/ Mono: Develop MONO to create excellent, multi platform, efficient and secure apps at a low operating       cost.
                 Database development and management: keeping information secure, reliable and affordable for SQL data managers (Oracle,                         Informix, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL).
                 NO SQL information managament: Document-oriented database (MongoDB) KV storage in Memory (Redis) or storage based on messages decisions (RabbitMQ).
                 Developing Custom Linux distributions: it is often useful to deploy a single service platform over a single LINUX distribution however, the maintenance and update scheme for general distributions is often complex to handle in the long run or directly expensive to own a one-time service license; For these reasons, having your own distribution that is optimized for the required services provides greater confidence and security in the long run. It is also an excellent way to bring complex software products to cloud computing scenarios or software embedded in certain hardware devises.
                 General application development: Development of specific applications with currently demanded technologies such as: C/C++, JAVA, JAVA EE, Spring, PHP, Symfony, NodeJS, AngularJS, SmallTalk, Squeack, Lua.
                 Development of interactive entertainment oriented applicstions such as: Corona SDK, Microsoft XNA, Unity3D y Blender.
     EQUIPTMENT LEASING:There are some occasions where buying new equipment is not the best option for budget reasons, Opportunity or contingency, having a supplier that is able to provide you with technology leasing equipment such as switches, servers and storages is a great alternative to buying.
    The following are some scenerios where leasing is a great option for your business:
                 Switch HP: V1910, E4800G, E5500G, A5500G y 5800G
                 Servers HP: DL380 G7, G8 y G9.
                 Storage: MSA 2000 G3



      IT-IPAM is an installation, configuration and training service on a phplPAM virtual machine, IP Address Management Application (IPAM). The goal is to provide light modern and useful address management Service.
    IPAM takes advantage of an intuitive web interface that allows you to easily detect IP address issues. IPAM allows engineers to plan network growth, ensure that they use of IP space meets standards and Helps resolve addressing conflicts.
                 IPv4 and IPv6 address management.
                 Management of sections / subnets.
                 Automatic display of free space for subnets.
                 Displaying subnets.
                 Automatic subnet scanning.
                 IP Status Checks.
                 NAT Support.
                 Rack Management.
                 Domain authentication (AD, LDAP, RADIUS).
                 Section by group.
                 Subnet Permissions.
                 Imports RIPE subnetworks
                 Imports XLS/CVS subnetworks.
                 IP request Module.
                 REST API.
                 VLAN managament.
                 VRF managament.
                 IPv4/IPv6 Calculator.
                 IP database searches
                 Email notifications.
                 Custom fields support.

  • IT-FAN

      DEMO ONLINE   IT-FAN is a Service of installation, configuration and training on a virtual machine FAN (Fully Automated Nagios) System. Nagios provides monitoring of all mission critical infrastructure components, including applications, Services, operational systems, network protocols, system metrics and network infrastructure. Hundreds of third-party add-ins provides monitoring of virtually all internal and external applications, services and systems. FAN uses Nagios as a central monitoring application, Centreon as a web interface for Nagios, and Nagvis for advanced mapping (geographic, functional, for services among others).
    FAN monitors the network for problems caused by network connections or overload data links, routers and switches. FAN is easily able to monitor such as availability, uptime and response time of each node in the network and deliver the results in a variety of visual representations and reports as instructed.
    Server monitoring is quite simple on the FAN due to the flexibility of monitoring with or without agents and with more than five thousand different add ons available.
    The implementation of FAN monitoring enables you To quickly troubleshoot applications, processes and services and take steps to eliminate downtime from the user applications. FAN includes tools that allow you to monitor the state of applications for Windows, Linux, UNIX and Web.
                 Visibility of individual hosts and services.
                 Viewing of a host or Service group with an icon.
                 Displays the summarized status of a host and its services.
                 Displays real time issues.
                 Sub-map Icons that represent a complete map of Nagvis in a single icon (drill down).
                 Visibility of complete IT processes, using graphs.
                 Network traffic visibility using meteorological map lines.
                 Multilanguage functionalities.
                 Web-configuration of maps.

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